Each of the Petite Edible blends are delicious in their own right.  They create a surprise of flavors when incorporated into s​alads and sandwiches, whether used as a garnish or incorporated into a main dish, Petite Edibles will rev up the taste and nutrition!​

Every blend has been carefully selected to ensure each herb compliments one another for a full bodied and balanced taste.


An explosion of taste in every bite!

10 Market Blends to Compliment Any Cuisine

We change the seasonal blend four times a year.  A different mix of every three months - the perfect mixture for each season!


Seasonal Greens



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Seasonal Shoots

We are now offering Sunflower and Pea Shoots.  Unlike sprouts that are soaked in water and then sprouted, our shoots sprout in our signature organic growing mix.

Nutty Sunflower Shoots

Sugary Pea Shoots

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Sweet Popcorn Shoots

Seasonal Shoots


A green and sweet blend with notes of spice are embodied in this robust and clear tasting mix. The stars of this blend include Kale, Basil, and Arugula.