"We as consumers need to be aware that buying local and organic  has a positive global impact. Organics benefit  our future environment, overall health, and ​helps keep the vitality of small farming alive."

​Why Certified Organic?

Gilbertie's is the largest certified organic grower in New England, offering over 300 varieties of herbs, vegetable plants, and cut greens in our 20+ greenhouses.  For over 90 years we've been growing high quality herbs and vegetables.  In 2008, we transitioned into organic growing and became certified by the USDA.  Consumer health is what prompted this change.  The old saying "you are what you eat," could not be more true.  ​It made absolute sense to upgrade from conventional growing to organic.

Many non-organic growers use chemicals to fertilize and treat plant diseases and pests.  These chemicals leave residue on plants inside and out.  Instead of spraying for bugs, we release "beneficial" insects to deal with the "bad bugs."  Each of our plants is grown in an organic certified soil blend.  This custom blend has taken us four years to perfect, ensuring the highest amount of essential oil and taste in each herb and green.  Hydroponically grown herbs can not compare in flavor or nutrition to their soil grown counterparts.  Organic growing is sometimes more difficult, but the rewards surely outweigh the extra effort. 

In the fall of 2011, Petite Edibles began.  This new venture was prompted by the desire to share with our community what we experience all year round; fresh herbs and greens.  Our cut herbs and greens, like all our plants are certified USDA organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers.  ​All of our greens are hand seeded and harvested daily from our farm directly to our customers ensuring the highest quality product. 



1. Fresher, Better Taste & Nutrition

Produce starts losing its nutrients as soon as it’s harvested.  The fresher it is, the better it tastes and the better it is for you.

2. Better for the Environment

Less transportation is needed resulting in less fossil fuels used and a reduced impact on the environment.

3. Better for the Community

Enhances livability of our communities and preserves the beauty and character of our towns.

4. Better for the Local Economy

Buying local food supports the local farmers and generates revenue for the community.

​Why Local?